How to Care For Your Sheets



You have received your new set of sheets and now you need to keep them perfect for as long as possible while using them to their fullest. It is essential to know the right way to clean, care for and store your bed linen. These six easy steps can maintain sheets that look (and feel) dreamy for many sleeps to come.

  1. Wash

Wash your sheets before the first use to loosen the cotton fibers for the best first-sleep experience (they get softer after every wash). To attain the deepest clean, toss them in the machine on the normal cycle in warm or cold water. Just stick to the same colors and fabrics if your linen isn’t swimming solo.

  1. Brighten

If your white sheets are starting to yellow, pre-soak them in oxygen bleach, and then wash them in hot water with a bleach or bleach alternative, like Nature Soap Natural Bleach from Faithful to Nature or Vanish from any other retailer (our favorites for getting our whites whiter, and colors brighter). You may need to repeat this process a few times if your sheets have really discolored, but after a few cycles, they should come out looking as good as new.

  1. Dry

Choose a low heat and a low tumble cycle when washing cotton sheets. Linen sheets can withstand high heat tumble drying, but if you happen to have a laundry line, hanging your sheets outside to dry helps to preserve fibers, colors, shape and elasticity. You can iron or steam to remove wrinkles, or just let your bedding be. A rumpled, lived-in look is part of the charm when it comes to linen sheets.

  1. Soften

Softer sheets aren’t just comfortable to sleep on – but they’re also easier to iron and less likely to have static. Also using a softener can decrease drying time so you can enjoy clean-sheet heaven even more quickly. We recommend SoPure Fabric Conditioner from Faithful to Nature or Comfort and Stay-Soft from most other retailers – these softeners will help fluff and soften your sheets!

  1. Store

Always store your bed linen clean. We recommend storing your bed linen in a breathable cotton storage bag to keep the linen protected from spills, bugs, dust or anything else that might be of concern. Avoid storing in plastic! It encourages yellowing and traps mildew-causing moisture.

  1. Freshen 

Change your sheets once every week or second week. Keep your sheets’ quality by alternating between sheet sets. Ideally, sheet sets should be completely replaced every 2 years to continue enjoying the ultimate sleep experience.


Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash


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